Active Projects

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

I now work under Singtel-NUS Cybersecurity Lab to use machine learning approach to analyze the SSL/TLS attack in network traffic.


Tregression stands for trace-based regression bug localization technique. Given a regression bug (i..e, the code was correct yesterday but failed now), our tool can visualize the buggy trace and correct trace, and match the steps between two traces. In our tool, a click on any trace step will show the user (i..e, programmer) (1) the corresponding step on the other trace and (2) a code comparison editor of the two versions of the code. Moreover, we build control and data flow on the trace steps so that user can track the control and data flow on the buggy trace and correct trace to understand the root cause of a regression bug. More details can be checked here.


A feedback-based debugger for interactively recommending suspicious step in buggy program execution. It records the trace of the execution of a buggy program and allow developers to provide light-weight feedback on trace steps. Microbat is able to learn, analyze, and reason based on developers' feedback and program information and recommend suspicious step in buggy program. A demo video and more details can be checked here.